Services & Pricing

Good Life Massages

60 minutes $80 / 90 minutes $120.00

  • Relaxation Slow, soothing strokes with a light to medium pressure are combined with your choice of essential oil to gently ease your body and mind into a peaceful state of relaxation
  • Anti Anxiety This massage combines Neroli oil, the comfort of a weighted blanket, breathing techniques, energy balancing and comforting warm stones placed on key energy points to restore and balance the body and mind
  • Immune Boost This is an area focused massage using a series of essential oils known for their immune boosting properties. Oils are therapeutically worked into the feet and muscle tissue surrounding the spine
  • Detoxifying Lymphatic draining techniques, juniper + cypress oil and hot towels work together to assist your body in removal of built up toxins
  • Green Lake Rocks Warm stones heated to a temperature that’s just right for you are placed on key energy points and then used to massage away muscle discomfort while carrying your mind and body to a place of peace and comfort
  • Therapeutic A blend of therapeutic essential oils, firm pressure and hot and cold therapy work together to relieve muscle pain and reduce inflammation
  • Prenatal Following a thorough consultation, a combination of relaxation and therapeutic techniques and organic sunflower oil are used to relieve the many discomforts that often occur during pregnancy

Massage Enrichments / 15 minutes / $15.00 each
  • Rejuvenating Scalp Treatment
  • Invigorating Foot Scrub/Pressure Point Foot Massage
  • Sinus & Migraine Relief/ Pressure Point Face Massage
  • Calm & Cozy- incorporates hot towels and warm stones into your massage.